Eurovac Extraction Systems

Eurovac has been in the dust and fume extraction business for over 14 years. With over 2000 systems installed in body shops and industrial plants throughout North America, they have become the market leader in dust and fume extraction. Their staff of engineers and fully equipped plant gives them the capability to manufacture equipment that is specifically designed for dust and fume extraction at affordable prices.
EUROVAC II 2 MAN PORTABLE - The Eurovac 2man Portable has a powerful 2.5 H.P. 1440 watt motor that gives much more suction than most portables on the market. As well, the combination of a cyclone plus cartridge filter gives superior filtration allowing the vacuum unit to operate at maximum efficiency. The primary cyclonic filtration removes 85% of the sanding dust before the secondary cartridge filter resulting in a longer life and less cleaning required for the cartridge filter. The 2 man Portable includes many other features including the unit being automatically turned on when the tool is in use. This unit comes complete with two 25' x 1-1/4" vacuum hoses with airline.
EUROVAC II CENTRAL - The budget priced 4 man system. Uses 220v 5 HP, brush type motors and graduated 2" to 3" PVC pipe. Inlets can be wall mounted or hanging.The system is turned on and off when the technician plugs the vacuum hose in.The separator includes primary cyclonic separation and a secondary cartridge filter with manual compressed air reverse pulse jet cleaning. Performance is good, price is low but is limited to 200 ft. pipe, so most popular for 2 to 6 man shops. Includes everything needed for a 4 man system.
EUROVAC I CENTRAL - a 3 phase industrial grade Turbine System with graduated metal pipe. Sealed turbine pumps are maintenance free (does not have brushes) and rated for 22,000 hours running time and uses less electricity than 120v. Available in sizes ranging from 5HP to 10 HP capable of handling shops with up to 12 technicians sanding. These systems can be expanded as the customer's business increases and they hire more technicians or build on to their existing facilities. Combination cyclonic separation with a cartridge filter and automatic compressed air pulse jet cleaning gives superior cleaning.The work stations for the Eurovac I system can be dropped from the ceiling between the bays or wall mounted. The system is turned on and off automatically when the technician plugs the vacuum hose in.
EUROVAC III CENTRAL - 15 HP TO 75 HP, centrifugal multi stage pumps individually engineered for length of run, type of tools being used and number of technicians using the system at the same time. The separator includes primary cyclonic separation and a secondary cartridge filter with manual compressed air reverse pulse jet cleaning. Eurovac III Multi-Stage Pump Systems are ideal for large shops or plants having the capacity to provide up to 2000 CFM and high levels of vacuum (8.5" Hg+) to offset friction losses in large systems with large amount of pipe. The advantage of multi-stage pumps is that they supply a constant vacuum as more people are added to the system. They are also very reliable with little or no maintenance required.