Garmat Spraybooths

Welcome To The

New Frontier

In Painting Technology!

The Frontier - No Pit Required - Save Valuable Shop Floor Space!

Karel DeRegge - Owner of Garmat® USA has been designing spray booths for over 30 years. He has designed, patented and is now introducing what he terms as the "optimal spray booth". The Frontier™ is a technological break through in that it has the most advanced air flow of any booth on the market today. It is a self contained pit-less downdraft spray booth which makes efficient use of your body shop floor space as it minimizes the amount of square footage required for the spray booth - the mechanical unit is built right into the plenum of the booth! There are two models available, both of which are fully insulated; the Standard Model, which includes Intake and Exhaust Motors and does not contain heated make-up air and the Deluxe Model, which includes, Intake and Exhaust Motors and contains heated make-up air.