Garmat Spraybooths

Garmat® USA’s Accele-Cure™ is the next step in paint booth technology to accommodate today’s changing paint technologies. Waterborne paint systems need additional higher velocity airflows to speed the curing, and with the Accele-Cure™ system this is accomplished thru the use of 24” diameter compressed air driven aluminum blade propeller fans designed to focus more air flow at a faster velocity directly over the vehicle, accelerating the evaporation process, resulting in a substantially quicker curing time.


The state of the art technology utilized in this touch screen allows the user to simply touch the part of the booth graphic that requires more informatio n and simple easy-to-read menus pop-up, offering further assistance.

Garmat’s Multi-Set Point
Temperature Controller.

This device can shorten your bake cycle times, increasing the number of vehicles that can be painted and cured.