Curtain Partitions

Easy to order...easy to install...with all the options you need!

- Pays for itself in one season
- Excellent thermal barrier
- Increases worker productivity

Realize savings in heating, air conditioning or refrigeration costs with FLEX-VUE barriers in storage and shipping areas.




- Rounded edges avoid cutting and snagging
- Concave/convex curvature allows strips to be interlocked when hung, forming an excellent seal
- Optional ribbed strips prevent scratching and stay clearer longer
- Ribbed strips increase insulation (from small air pockets) and reduce contact and static cling between strips

Universal mounting hardware: Strip door kits are available in any width and height and include universal mount, 14 gauge galvanized steel hardware with permanent 1/4" studs, reinforcement plates and lock nuts. Pre-drilled holes for mounting or suspension.
Strips styles: Smooth Clear, Ribbed Clear, Welding Bronze, USDA Clear, USDA Ribbed, Anti-Static or Safety Orange.

To order: choose door kit size at least as large as your door opening size, oversized strips can be trimmed to your exact floor length. If mounting to wall above door, order kit larger than actual opening. Strips are available in 8", 12" and 16" widths. Other widths are available. Can be ordered in full rolls or cut and punched to desired length for replacing old strips.

8" Wide strips are recommended for doors up to 8' in height. 50% overlap for personnel doors, 100% overlap for exterior applications in extreme wind or sound.

12" Wide strips are recommended for doors 8' to 14' in height. 67% overlap for interior applications and forklift traffic, 100% overlap for exterior applications in extreme wind or sound.

16" Wide strips are recommended for doors 12' and higher with best resistance to wind, sound and temperature differentials. 100% overlap for severe sound attenuation.

Ribbed strips are used for the same applications as standard strips except ribs on strips prevent abrasion or scratching.

USDA Freezer strips are the same as standard strips but are used for lower temperature applications and for USDA approval.

Anti-static strips are used mainly in areas where static build-up could be harmful.

Safety-Orange strips are used for safety areas, mark door openings, or to enclose hazardous areas.

Ideal for welding booths and in-plant enclosures. Controls a range of hazards including dust, over-spray,splash and smoke. Helps to isolate in-plant noise while maintaining easy access to facilities and equipment.
- Ideal barrier for welding enclosures
- Maintains worker supervision
- Flame retardant (CFM approved)
- Effective noise barrier
- Comfortable work environment
- Sound control between rooms