Paintless Dent Repair

PDQ Cutter Cream
Item#s: PDCC

The new PDQ Cutter Cream was exclusively designed by PDQ to aid dent techs while working through tough glue spots. The unique cutting formula allows your glue cutter or tool tip to slide easily between the glue and substrate while maintaining complete control. No more snails trails, no more silicone residue and no more torching of tool tips. Best of all PDQ Cutter Cream completely evaporates leaving no trace behind, so glue can bind back to the substrate.

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Advanced Set
Item#: PAT2

This set of ancillary tools is perfect for the technician who wants it all up front. Comes with hammer, punches, wedge, window guard, door jammer, tie straps, plugs, clip remover, awl, brace cutter, magnetic screwdriver set, hole saw cutter kit, flex-light, hood props, roof strap, sand paper, door handle remover, s-hooks and tool box.

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1" Punch Set
Item#: PS1001

Used to knock down high spots. Large head is good for making practice dents. Set of Two


1/2" Punch Set
Item#: PS1002

Used to knock down high spots, while minimizing the risk of marring the surface. Set of Two


1" & 1/2" Punch Set
Item#: PS1004

All four sizes of punches. One great price.


Hole Saw Cutter Kit
Item#: 11090

Creates clean access holes. Contains starter awl, arbor, pilots, wrench, stop and seven cutters, 5/16 to 3/4.

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Uni-Bit 1/4-3/4 Drill Bit
Item#: PU3

Drills up to 9 different hole sizes.

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S-Hooks & O-Rings

Used for leverage points on open panels.

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Roof Strap
Item#: PRS

Fits between the roof and door frame to create a leverage point when working on the roof.

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Hood Prop
Item#: HP459

Telescopes to hold hood and deck lids open for a stable working surface.

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Hollow Window Wedge
Item#: WEDGE1

You won't find this Wedge in just any catalog. Designed by PDQ, this one-of-a-kind wedge allows you to slide a half-inch tool or smaller down the center while protecting the glass from any unwanted damage. Works well with Flat Bars, too! Patent pending.

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Thin Window Wedge
Item#: WEDGE3

Thin Plastic Wedge used for window work.

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Inventure Door Jammer
Item#: PJAM

Secures door while you work. Adjustable pulley tightens with ease.

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Steck Door Jammer
Item#: DJ1700

Holds door steady while you work. Designed for any latch.

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Item#: SPOON

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Hail Strap

This fully Adjustable Strap allows for secure tool leverage on any panel. Use it on hoods, deck lids, roofs, inside trunks or wheel wells. Saves on damage from S-Hooks and makes them a thing of the past.

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Air Wedge
Item#: WEDGE 4

By far the best Wedge ever made for paintless dent removal. Safe on glass and moldings, it's as simply as inserting the bag and then using the pump to inflate the bag to the proper separation. When you're done, simply press the release valve and pull the wedge out. Affordable and practical - but, best of all, completely safe.

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Starter Set
Item#: PAT1

The perfect beginners set of ancillary tools. Comes with ball peen hammer, wedge, window guard, s-hooks, tie straps, hood props, door jammer, clip remover, brace cutter and punch set.

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Metal Knock Down
Item # PS100M

This unique metal knock down set is excellent for the more experienced technician. The precision milled heads with high gloss polish displace metal more efficiently than any Nylon Knock down. Excellent for working larger dents. The kit comes complete with one wide head, one mid-range head and one smaller (cherry bomb style) head. Rubber caps and a carrying case included.

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100 Flush Plugs
Item#: FLUSH

Select an individual size, or select a combination of all plug sizes: 1/4, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4


100 Depressed Plugs

Depressed Plugs. Choose an individual size, or both sizes: 1/2, 3/4


50 Locking Plugs

50 Locking Plugs
Choose a size when ordering

All Specially handcrafted tools are covered by a lifetime warranty against breakage - regardless of cause. Should any item break under normal use, just return it and we'll send you a new one in it's place. FREE.